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AboutPage_PhotoDigital reach starts with great stories. Over the course of my career, I’ve followed an ex-con into the Mexican desert in search of gold, learned to surf in a day for San Diego’s oldest tandem-surfing competition, and traveled into the heart of rural India, all in pursuit of the story-within-a story.

It’s not just exotic backdrops that inspire me to contribute features and original reporting to major media outlets that have included USA Today, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, New York magazine and the New York Post, along with dozens of regional newspapers and magazines.

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My passion for storytelling, which began at Columbia University’s School of Journalism, leads me to track down compelling stories in familiar places, too. Like a visit to Detroit that inspired a reconsideration of the Motor City as an overlooked tourist destination. Even a dry topic may turn into a fast-paced narrative – like a feature on an insurance salesman that led one magazine publishing award panel to declare, “While some stories succeed because of their topics, this story succeeds in spite of its topic.”

In addition to features and enterprise stories with unique takes on both familiar and overlooked subjects, I shift gears when needed to deliver actionable and evergreen consumer content that rises to the top of search results. At Travel Channel, I generated popular utility content and interactive features on the day’s most in-demand consumer travel topics and destinations. Throughout, I build audience loyalty through concise, original reporting based on first-person interviews, versus repurposing marketing-speak from other websites. The end result is greater trust on the part of online audiences to Like, Share, Tweet and return for more.

My current focus is on custom media content, translating the minutiae of tax policy, corporate governance, and technology on behalf of full service advisory and accounting firms; multinational technology companies; and major media outlets.

When I’m not on assignment, I enjoy classic cinema, completing Tough Mudders and jumping out of a plane, so long as it’s tandem … and there’s a functioning parachute. To continue the conversation, learn more about my approach.