DSC_0326 copyRigorous reporting. Relevant interviews. Clear and specific language. These are the three pillars upon which my stories are built, for impact.

In the digital arena, I create engaging lifestyle, travel and culture content fueled by powerful stories that educate and inspire — and prompt consumer audiences to take action. I understand the frustration online visitors face when a headline that catches their eye isn’t backed by substantive content once they click on it. I merge click-ability with readability, crafting editorially enticing headlines that deliver on their promise through timely, original stories on the back end. So readers not only stop by, they return for more.

Succinct, accurate writing and in-depth reporting are only the first steps in my approach to audience engagement. Proven news judgement that anticipates audience skepticism and a thorough understanding of analytics inform my digital approach. My words meet consumer audiences where they are and guide them from that point, generating reader loyalty over the long term — and catapulting a site into a daily destination along the way.

For online media, and corporate and nonprofit organizations that embrace the value of quality reporting, I craft original content and enterprise stories that speak to consumer audiences through three platforms:


  • Profiles of noteworthy industry leaders, alumni and human-interest subjects, along with destinations and frequently searched-for topics, as well as significant upcoming events
  • Short- and long-form features, and blog series, written in a distinctive voice that paces out the narrative, offering a “next up” ending to prompt audience return
  • Ghostwriting books, blogs and speeches for industry experts that translate complex subject matter into easily understood language


  • Digital photographic images that capture a destination’s core message, accompanied by captions that ensure a solid click-through rate
  • Scripting and defining video content, including voiceover copy
  • Narrations and headline writing for video and multimedia content


  • Editorial strategy and copywriting for interactive features such as polls, Q&A tools, quizzes, calculators and slideshows
  • Headline writing that sparks audience action
  • Curating and synthesizing data from disparate sources into one unified,  attention-grabbing infographic

To expand your digital reach through powerful stories, I invite you to fill out my new project questionnaire or contact me directly