Consumer Journalism

Multimedia Journalism and Storytelling
Drive Audience Engagement

Your target audience can find news and insights from an endless number of sources. My digital storytelling ensures that companies’ consumer-facing content is impactful, authoritative, and effective. My ability to identify, develop, and creatively communicate visual topics enables digital media outlets to tell powerful stories. And my sharp, gripping narratives bolster your credibility and increase your audience share across media-rich platforms. I deliver solid journalistic content in these arenas:


Consumer Content

I have a wealth of experience creating content that consumers can trust. Whether yours is a traditional media company or a consumer-facing business that delivers news-like content, you can benefit from my in-depth research, original reporting, and news judgment.

I can help your audience see topics in a new light and leave readers with tips that encourage them to take action.

Using digital analytics, I can rewrite or edit existing content so that it commands attention in a crowded digital landscape.


I recognize the need for today’s business leaders to communicate to their stakeholders – often disparate audiences of employees, shareholders, consumers, and community members.

I can create consistent messaging tailored to your different constituencies, translating highly technical concepts – such as tax law or the evolution of healthcare reform – into engaging and actionable information.

My versatile storytelling skills are particularly useful when ghostwriting books, thought leadership pieces, and speeches.

Photos, Infographics, Video

I have a keen understanding of the ways visual media captivates audiences. Telling stories visually has become the coin of the realm for digital media outlets.

By developing content strategies that incorporate photography, video, and graphic design, I can package compelling stories that raise the visibility of your company and build audience share.

My skills encompass defining and scripting video content, creating powerful infographics, and supplying photography and captions that coax users into taking action.