Digital Copywriting

Effective Digital Copywriting:
Consistency Across Multiple Platforms

Writing for the digital media age requires crafting creative content that greets your audience wherever they happen to be. That’s my specialty. I deliver consistent messaging across multiple platforms in support of your marketing strategy. My compelling copy is certain to inform and engage your customers, clients, or members. Whether you’re in the market for fresh content or are looking to have existing material synthesized or refreshed, I can supply:


Technical Writing

I am adept at quickly becoming a subject matter expert, and have depth and breadth of knowledge in the realms of business, finance, medicine, technology, and sustainability.

As a result, I can expertly produce your industry-specific and keyword-optimized blogs, white papers, newsletters, thought leadership pieces, case studies, and annual reports.

Sponsored Content

I’ve mastered the nuances of native advertising and can attract your target audience through composing and placing sponsored content on high-traffic websites.

I can develop your strategic communications plan, and then create premium content that reinforces your company’s brand messaging while drawing potential customers into your sales funnel.

Brand Copywriting

I’m always mindful of the importance of creating and disseminating consistent brand messages across myriad communication channels.

My focused taglines, product descriptions, ad copy, landing pages, and direct mail pieces are sure to penetrate your desired market, while my story-driven articles increase brand awareness among your target audience.

Information Architecture

I recognize that a rich user experience is essential in today’s digital landscape.

I’m skilled in designing information architecture for simple or complex websites that showcases content that matters. Yet wireframes are just the beginning.

My writing is formulated to dovetail with UX design, ensuring maximum impact for your audience.

Cross-Platform Copywriting

You can rely on my ability to develop your winning cross-platform content strategy – and then create content that produces results.

My versatility enables me to write everything from video scripts and infographics to social media posts and press releases.

Whether you need mobile-friendly brevity or long-form digital products, I can deliver.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

I combine solid understanding of style, usage, grammar, and punctuation with SEO best practices to deliver content that’s accurate, optimized, and consistent across digital media platforms.

This dual approach ensures all brand campaigns, whether digital ads, client presentations, or landing pages, benefit from the kind of quality assurance that translates into optimal user engagement and action.