Digital Analytics

Data Creates Business Intelligence
that Fuels Success

An effective digital strategy is informed by data. Tight budgets add pressure to extract the maximum return on your marketing and advertising investment. That’s where I come in. After designing a measurement strategy, I deploy analytics tools, develop and implement testing models to optimize performance variables, and deliver compelling reports that inform future decisions. My mission is to take a deep dive into the data to keep your company competitive through these six focus areas:


Analytics & Reporting

I can deliver big-picture guidance about data measurement strategies or granular data analysis about metrics such as bounce rates, click-through rates, and return visitors.

Ongoing analysis informs my iterative approach to optimization. My tailored reports generate business intelligence that fuels data-driven decisions by your marketing, operations, and product teams.

Search Engine Optimization

As an SEO expert, I can harness the power of SERP features to increase search engine visibility and drive traffic to your desired destination.

My ability to develop and implement a robust content strategy, conduct on-page keyword optimization, and monitor your competition’s SEO efforts results in increased targeted traffic and maximized ROI.

Competitive Analysis

A sound digital strategy is rooted in an analysis your current marketing plan.

My deep expertise in evaluating multi-channel marketing allows me to identify content gaps, recognize digital assets, and build frameworks for multivariate testing.

I then leverage that knowledge to increase your search engine visibility and enhance engagement across platforms.

Brand Strategy & Content Development

Strengthening brand awareness requires focus, mastery, and perseverance. I have all three. My approach orchestrates every facet of branding – from audience development and product optimization to consumer engagement and partner prospecting – designed to increase your online visibility. Crafting SEO-infused content boosts conversion rates and deepens brand affinity.

Monitoring & Optimizing

Your website needs sustained attention in order to add to your bottom line.

Through monitoring site traffic, keyword rankings, and lead generation, I can develop and implement a savvy content strategy.

My iterative approach to testing and optimization is designed to elevate the user experience, remove barriers to engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Web Management

My proficiency in all facets of digital marketing and analytics are the ideal foundation for assuming day-to-day oversight of your company’s website.

I can readily supervise web design that enhances the user experience, coordinate the creation of multi-platform content, and collaborate with IT staff to ensure optimal performance and security.